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This game is designed for the Oculus Quest only! You will also need to sideload the game in order to play it. I recommend using SideQuest

Take to the skies in VR in this arcade air combat game. Test your skills against real players or the AI. Earn money by playing the game to unlock more powerful and deadly aircraft.

-14 planes to unlock! Including the F-22 Raptor and the fearsome Su-37 Terminator
-Play online with up to 7 other players or against the AI!
-4 Different game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and Flying Fortresses.
-7 different playable maps! From rolling hills, to alpine mountains to a city at night.
-A semi-detailed flight model, including stalling, high G turns, atmospheric density and gravity!


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Air Brigade - Quest 1 GB

Development log


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Great new update and two in one day.Cannons.


Thanks so much for this update that really makes it more realistic.The cockpit corrections look excellent too.Praise Jesus !

Where do I a oculus key or steam key ?

You may have to ask Itch.io how that works. I'm showing no one has claimed any of the 250 keys I added so it seems something isn't working right...

Did it recently update again ? Said updated nine hrs ago.

Just some bug fixes, I'll be putting out another fix today too. Just some minor tweaks to the controls I noticed.

Great job and appreciated.

Can I ask a key too? :) Im in love with Airplane games.

Thank you soo much, sad its not on store yet!

The idea was you were supposed to get a free Oculus Go key if you bought the game here, but for some reason itch doesn't seem to be giving them out properly. 

(game is on the Oculus Go store btw, this is just for the Quest version)

Loaded with sidequest drop box. No change.

Will do. Thanks.

Probably it was not installed correctly though, it should not be at the top level. Install it by opening sidequest and dragging the apk over the top left corner of the sidequest app.

I have side loaded AirBrigadeOculus.APK onto my quest with SIDEQUEST. The AirBrigadeOculus.apk file is at the root level on the quest. It does NOT appear in the "unknown source" list of the library.  How do I run it? Am I missing an installation requirement? Thanks.

Could you ask in the SideQuest discord?
https://discord.gg/eJPtCjq ?
I'm not super familiar with this issue..

Did the game update and what to do to update it without losing my game ?

Sorry, I have not yet gotten around to sending out an update for this game, still working on it. You will not lose your progress when you update, only if you reformat your Quest or such.

Thanks, it said on sidequest that it was updated so that's why I asked.

Oooh okay, I just updated the description formatting. Thanks I didn't know it mentioned that. Also as to your game data, if you are worried about losing your progress you can always back up your game data with sidequest too, just in case.

Here is the asset I would LOVE to use if I can afford to make Air Brigade 2 if you're interested. 

Hope you do it because it looks great.Your new game is playing excellent too.The secret 2 has big inner story with reading the books I find and has a big world to explore.Jesus is mankinds sole hope.


Hey  @Onionman77! Fantastic game! Worth every penny, would have easily been worth it if it was $9.99

One weird glitch I'm experiencing is that I can't seem to get online. I'm connected on wifi on my quest but the game keeps saying I'm offline. Not sure what to do...

-Whenever I go full throttle on my left joystick I often don't perfectly push it vertically so I end up turning with my left joy stick whenever I try to go fast. Not sure how to fix this but maybe only turn while clicking on a certain button?
-Option for commentary off? It got pretty annoying when I heard the same toast joke..
-Would love to see after burner & more pronounced sound for throttle changes. Right now the only user feedback of going faster is the numeric speed indicator which isn't super obvious, esp when you're at high altitudes. 

Besides that thanks so much for the amazing game!

I think those are some good ideas! The afterburner effect might take some work, but I can definitely look into putting an option in for the copilot commentary.

As to being offline I'm sorry I don't know. I've had that issue before on gearVR and Go and I would just have to manually disconnect and reconnect to the wifi before I could play an online game again.

I think its worth 20 bucks at least.

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Loads to black screen. Good opening music though. Then ~ 30seconds of silence. Finally, more dramatic music. Nothing but black screen.

Uninstalled, and reinstalled. Other sidequest apps are working fine.

The button for a key gave an error also. Said needed to be steam, something, ...

That's really odd, I've actually never heard of this before. I'm traveling for the weeks but will try to work this out next week when I get back, sorry...

Are your other sideloaded games giving you trouble ? I haven't had any trouble with it and don't think it's the game apk.

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no, all others are fine. Including onecast, which was loaded after this.

What is onecast ? Try loading it from itch after downloading into your pc and drag into the sidequest app.

That is the process I used. Onecast is another sideload app. It allows you to play your xbox on the quest.


Do you know Jesus God's Son as your Lord and Savior ? 

Is there any other information you can give? Since I haven't heard of this before, anything that might be unique to your situation? It's so curious you can hear the music but no picture.

I dont know what else you would need to know, to help? Everything else works on this device.

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Okay, well I am traveling this week and no where near my Quest, so I'll need to wait until next week to look into this. Or if you don't want to wait and wish for a refund through itch.io, that's totally fine too, I'll approve it.

The part about an error code with the keys though is also very weird.

i can wait. Game looks sweet. Id like to get it work. 

Can you give me an email at onionman@onlyhumanstudios.net ? I may need to send you a new APK to test if you're willing.

Actually I think I have an idea what might have been going on now, will be hopefully putting out an update in the next week or so that will also bring in a lot of new features like VR controls sticks and miniguns and such

Motion control needed.... and better animation when diyng and somme heal point....

That is actually in the plans, I've just been busy with life lately.

Can you update this excellent game with some more maps and those stealth planes like the blackbird and b1 bombers to have correct cockpits ?

I think that's going to need to wait till a sequel if it comes out, I'm sorry :( I've been a bit busy lately with life stuff. I do plan to update the game, but appropriate cockpits takes a lot more money...

The game is excellent,variety of maps,planes and gameplay.It does need anything and thanks for a really cool fun game.Then others games of yours are creative too and about the only mobile vr games out there with big maps to explore.I see many of your games are on steam too and that's very cool.Jesusaves!

You could use the same world as flying to just add cars for the islands and land and boats for the sea to drive.

What about a driving game with the same dynamics ? Cars,maps and game play elements.Open road not a racing track.

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Very good impression after an hour of play. First  load  game on Itch and Oculus quest and it's hard to believe someone can make such a game on its own.  I'm Novice in Air combat and VR and this is impressive to be able to look around to find the target until launching the missiles.

Quick question :

 The tutorial asks me to move the controllers but it doesn't move the plane ( only move the little green triangle ). I have to use the joyticks to control attitude and throttle instead. Is something wrong ?

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Ooooh ya hold down on the grip button as well, I should put that in there. And thank you so much man! That is very kind of you to say.

You can use the option to use your motion controller as a flight stick while moving you hand.Press bottom right grip to activate and continue gripping.

Just purchased the game and loving it....  is there a way to chat with other playes or add your pilot name?

(1 edit)

You guys are really nice. Well the way to chat was meant to be able to join an oculus party. Now that people are asking for it though, let me look into setting your pilot name and in game chat.

The original idea was that the pilot name is generated from your Oculus name, but since I don't have access to that information on the Quest I just had to make a random one for now.


Congrats being in the sidequest app.

Consider readjusting the projection scale of the stealth planes and bombers.Could you also put in a 3d object sun and one last thing to make a mission or current ones with the option of interchangeable jets ?

Can you explain to me what you mean about the stealth planes? I'm confused. Missions where you can land and change loadouts or even planes would be awesome. I think I will have to save those features for the next game, since that's so far outside the scope of what this one is. And thank you!

Thanks for your reply.I play the air brigade daily regularly and like playing to win but when I lose its still so fun.The stealth planes like the blackbird,b2 and that v looking one all have huge cockpits unpurportioned to the vr comfort.

Ah okay, now I know the one you are talking about, thanks. I'll take a look at it.

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The team deathmatch if my team wins pays out big.Would you consider doing  map of the salt flats ?

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I was thinking to add another map, let me look up what you are talking about and see what I can come up with.
Oh ya I like that a lot. Let me think on it for a bit.

Interior working gauges on the panel.Cockpit lights for night maps.Afterburner flames and a game mode that has you drop a nuke from a bomber.Or you have to stop the bomber from dropping it.Without any of this your game is really excellent and very fun with countless replayability.


I ranked up and out.All jets now available and what a treat.The missions range from such versatility and beginner to huge challenges like the flying fortress.Worse comes to worse you can replay training to earn some cash to go to the showroom hanger to view and buy some of the most advanced and expensive military arsenal known to humans. This game should be easily 20 bucks and on all platforms.The best arcade jet fighter game.Could be a serious flight sim training platform for the military.Jesusavesouls !

Wow holy crap, thank you so much man.

Any updates coming ?


Hey man, yes actually I am working on the machinegun aspect today as well as some controller vibration when you fire. Then I will add it to SideQuest and hopefully you can find some more people to play against :)

How far are you in unlocking planes?

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Please consider plugging this to oculus for the quest.People would like it and it needs to be there.At least offer it to sidequest vr.

I'll list it on SideQuest once I get the multicannons in I think.

The flying fortress mission is intense.Does the b2 open up too ?

That's cool you made it that far. You can get the B-2 but it takes a looot of money.

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The warhog has such a detailed cockpit.Can you fix the stealths cockpit and possibly animate some of the control panels on the planes ? It is a really cool game.

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I just leveled up more and see I can access so many more jets.


Ok, As an arcade flight sim game its fun. (If you get sick on anything twisty I wouldn't try it though).

Suggestions for the Dev:

  • Interior Cockpit views shifting needs to be fixed , Often I'm sitting on the nose of the plane, and when I'm in the cockpit, the instruments are in my face.
  • Cockpit is are pretty barren, so some display graphics, or the ability to see the Short/Long range Radar on a screen and some screen animations, maybe speed, elevation, etc. would be nifty.
  • While the control scheme is fine at the moment, implementing something akin to VTOL VR would be a massive improvement.
  • Smoothing, some cloud work and skybox work, and the ability to switch between Missiles and Cannons would be great.
  • Carrier and land takeoff and landing would be awesome.

Overall, the game runs very smoothly, I can see where the FR is being implemented, it gets a little choppy in combat, mostly because there's no horizon lock and you can get lost in the sky.

If the Dev keeps working on this, cleaning up the planes, working on the interiors, getting some interactive controls in place, this would be a excellent alternative to DCS as a Afterburner/Ace Combat flight sim for the Quest.

So far, I'm impressed.


Real quick to being offset in the cockpit, you may just want to recenter the Quest when you go to the cockpit view. It's default position should be more or less where the pilots head would be.
To everything else, yes I definitely agree. A lot of what you see is because I'm just a poor single developer! Now that you guys are supporting me so much though, I can start to seriously look at some better planes, cockpits, and a flight model to support take off and landing.

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If this hits the quest store it would be great for you,them and us players.

So I'll give you my honest take, I didn't want to play the Oculus pitch game on this one. I love Oculus and what they are doing for VR is amazing. In this instance, I just didn't want to play their game of making a fancy pitch, let's be real though, this wouldn't have made it in anyways.

I dont know why this wouldnt of made it but I guess I get it since they want very high polished games almost looking like disney movie animations.I really think if they tried it yes your game would make it.Once you play your games its very hard to stop and its something you cant argue is thats a very well done flight mobile vr,probably one of best.

I put up a reddit for you and it's getting traffic.

Wow man, I don't think I deserve this..


Yeah you do.
Devs like you are what makes the Quest worthwhile, since Oculus likes to be pretty stingy with their approvals. 

Keep it up!

That is really kind of you and made me feel a lot better, thank you.


Figured it out.Had to complete the training missions to get positive money and promotions.Could you adjust the scale of the stealths cockpit ? Game really needs a reddit.Could you consider marketing this with top gun maverick.It will be a hit.The engineering and design is very much like a sim arcade.It's been done very good.Jesusavesouls !

Thank you so much brother. Ya I was going to mention the fastest way to get cash in the beginning is to do the training scenarios.

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Dude this game is beyond expectations.It's a game that I wouldn't understand why oculus wouldn't want in the quest store.So much to do and totally unique and tailored for the quest.Is it possible to view or purchase other jets as I can't get them to appear ? Jesusavesouls !

Definitely, you can buy new planes from the "Hangar" menu from the main title menu.


I saw when I looked behind me,the other plans menu.It is one of the best fighter pilot games.Should be marketed as Top Maverick.

Wow thank you!

I see my available money has a minus sign.Do I need to get out of the negative to purchase and access planes ?

That's weird. You current money is negative? That shouldn't have happened.... I've never seen that happen. Any info on how you got there might help!

Should I be able to purchase alternate jets in the beginning ? It has the price of the jet and has mine with a minus in front of my money.The game looks like it has been really precisely engineered well.Those jets with the distance calculating as they get near is remarkable.