Working on virtual controls!

Heya, thought I would keep you guys in the loop, I am working on a few new features for Air Brigade, as well as some general fixes.  Most notably though, I'm trying to get some VR hands in the game so you can interact with virtual controls while in the cockpit! .. also miniguns, should finally get those too.

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Nice to see an update

Looks good dude.

So the update isn't out yet right ?

Not out yet.

hook me up with a alpha beta demo.

Hopefully I'll just release an update for all today. Won't have the multicannons yet but will have the vr stick controls.

Oh crap, working on the controls in the F-117 I see what you were saying about the stealth fighter cockpit scale now, woops...

Thanks for your work and development in vr gaming and always updating to polish your games for the gamers experience.Looking forward to the update.