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Please note! This game is designed for the Oculus Quest only! You will also need to sideload the game in order to play it. I recommend using SideQuest

A killing that occurs under the Blood Eclipse is still a killing -- but a death is not a death at all. And tonight, the town that experienced a massacre under the Blood Eclipse centuries ago will not be letting its guests go without teaching them that lesson.

Up to 6 players can play at a time, with up to 4 human heroes, and 2 zombie players. Each player will choose the character they'd like to play as and join or create a match! Then you'll have limited time to search for weapons and carry out the scenario goals!

-6 different playable characters: Fight zombies as WWII fighter pilot, cowgirl, or even a 1930's pinup girl!
-4 different maps to choose from: an abandoned town, hotel lobby, office halls, or sewers!
-5 different game scenarios: kill zombies, defend the manor, escape by truck, battle royale, and deathmatch!
-6 different weapons to find: Defend yourself with a Colt Python, flamethrower, or minigun!


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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The Blood Eclipse - Quest 1 GB

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Looks like this was updated in September 2020. Any chance for a changelog or blog post? Very interested to know what's new! =)


Yea I wish itch.io had support for that! I don't think it was a major change though, it was an update to the inventory behavior. I fixed some issue of properly grabbing items.
Oh, now I remember, I also added footstep sounds to other players in a game. So if it's a deathmatch or such you can hear where they are running around! If you are interested in a multiplayer game let me know! I'd love to set a big one up.

can I use this in a VR cafe and set up my own server


What does that mean? Do you have a link on how to do that?

I have a VR game centre after I have purchased your game can I use it in my game centre for people to play in 6 player mode, do I need to have a server setup to play or is it p2p network game play on the oculus quest.

Ahh I see, the networking is done through photon. A game you start can be joined by anyone in the region.

OK great, so if I had 6 oculus quest headsets on the same network I could start a game on 1 of them and then join in with the other 5, 4 as human and 2 as zombies. 

Is there a way to contact you directly about developing a game that I could use as an exclusive experience in my VR centre.

Ahhh ok now I know what a VR Center is, sorry I wasn't sure if this was some kind of special VR app or something. So you could do that, but each Quest would currently need to be connected to the internet. If you are just looking to play through a LAN network I'd need to look into that. There's a free demo of the game that you can test out on on SideQuest, that only lets players play the first basic scenario.

And to the second part, sure you can contact me at onionman77@gmail.com

Is there a manual for questions?

Walking's slow. Is it normal on Quest to only see around 3 metres? How do I select things in the books?

Depress the joystick to run as long as you have no weapons out. The draw distance is normal sorry, limitation of the graphics.
To change the page in a book use the joystick left or right.


Wow also on the quest.Jesusavesouls !

Is this game multiplayer only? Is it possible to play single player?

Hi, yes the scenarios can be played offline. Obviously it doesn't make sense for the deathmatch scenarios, but you can definitely play the vs undead scenarios on your own.