VR Hands are finally here!

Imagine this very likely scenario, you are playing a game of Secret of Harrow Manor co-op with your friend on a Sunday (you're addicted, it's ok! we don't judge). This time though your friend stays downstairs while you run to check out the upper level of the mansion. Unfortunately due to the random generation, your friend finds himself surrounded by zombies on the lower level with no ammo in sight. You however, find lots of guns and ammo on the upper level. Now normally, you'd have to pick up the items and run them down to your friend, but this time, things are different. You are able to grab the item, and throw it down to your friend for him to catch (if he's got good coordination), load into his gun, and kill his attackers!
That is the change in this update. You will have ghost hands now, and the option to pickup items for yourself or throw them to a friend!

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