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Please note! This game is designed for the Oculus Quest only! You will also need to sideload the game in order to play it. I recommend using SideQuest

You have just escaped the horrifying laboratory where the experiments began, now your only way out lies through the town of Harrow Manor. This time around, the monsters are more deadly, but luckily the townspeople had been fearing such an event might happen and have left many more weapons behind to fight them.

-Explore an entire undead infested town, complete with a church, hospital, and prison!
-Play alone or co-op with a friend!
-7 new weapons to wield against the new undead, including flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and katanas!

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Tagsquest, Survival Horror, Virtual Reality (VR)


Buy Now$1.11 USD or more

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The game is now available through app lab and you should be able to download a key for it!

I have this game on Itch, but how do I get a key to use the applab version ?

It should now be in your downloads section. If it's not you may had to write to itch support.

What was the update 


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Hiya, it was a locomotion update. It's easier for me to update everyone on the discord at

Specifically I added snap turning with the right hand, and you can run with the index trigger now instead of needing to press down on the thumbstick.

Also changed walking to the direction of the camera, not the direction of the controller, that was bugging me.

I think I fixed a bug in multiplayer of loading into different levels too.

Hi, in part 1 i've had some problems which gave me motion sickness problems. Is this dynamic in Secrets of Harrow Manor 2? Or is the character still 2m high.

Oh ya you would not be happy, the character is still quite tall since I wasn't able to figure out some of the world scaling (specifically the terrain)

ok thnx for letting me know

Hey Brandon.  I heard about v2 being released and in my excitement bought v1 on accident.  Didn't know how to contact you to see if I could exchange.  If I can't, no big deal.  Thanks.

Ok, yes the only official way to do that would be to go through itch.io since they are the ones you bought from. Maybe email me at onionman@onlyhumanstudios.net and see if I can help...

itcho took care of me.  Thanks!  Keep up the good work.

Oh cool, awesome.

So having trouble with starting where I left off and is it possible to add snapturn or smooth ?

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Can you add snapturn and lower the worldscale ? Also in the Pastors notes can you remove when the Pastor or other book logs use God as just a word of shock ?

I didn't write the books. That was done by my friend Amalia Pursell, though I think I should keep her work as is. Actually one of the other books even made me feel uneasy, but ah well, it is partly that kind of game. 

As I'm sure you know, God is an infinite source of power, it should not matter what anyone says about it.


So what do we do to save and continue where we left off.Do we have to get to key milestones in the game ?


You should go through the "Continue" book to pickup where you left off, the game autosaves when you enter a new area (when you see the loading screen)

So its been updated since yesterday ?

I just updated it just now, fixes to multiplayer and you can now throw items properly (in multiplayer too!)

What do I do to update without buying it again ?

Hiya, well you should have it in your account. It should be in your library now.

Thanks bro and also making great vr content. 

Thank you for all you do! And actually sorry, I did just update the game again, to fix some handtracking bugs. But I also added some new music, the Church has it's own music now! Thought you might like that one.


Get it on sidequest and submit to quest.

I will (the sidequest part), just want to do a little bit more work on it first...

You start on  moving passenger train.Hearing sirens in the distance then over the train intercom.Weird outbreak on the rise.Before you realize it the train is infested and you have to jump off.Alone in the midwest now in some strange abandoned city.You see in the distance a bomber drop  nuke and destroy a entire city.In all that its just basically the game opening.You find a motorcycle and travel to the army base.Army of infested breach the base and you get into a experimental outdated space rocket.Autopilot takes you to a orbital lab.End of episode one.Praise Jesus!

Wow that does sound like a really good idea. I like that a lot.

Thanks bro and by the way you have made games already I know it can be done and you could do it.Let me know what funding you need.I write original music and have that too to offer.


Game looks great and feels realistic.


Getting it today my friend

Oh cool! Enjoy!!


I’ll be getting it soon as well. I loved the first one


It is done very well and the controls as well as item use is easy.