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This game is designed for the Oculus Quest only! You will also need to sideload the game in order to play it. I recommend using SideQuest

Return to the world of Air Brigade, now with updated aircraft models, and detailed cockpits! Choose from a variety of fighter strike craft and take on others in an all out deathmatch. Featuring improved hand controls and more detailed cockpits. Watch your plane react to your inputs with dynamic aerofoils!

This is still very much an in progress and early access game! I am providing this here for anyone that would like an early look into Air Brigade 2 and perhaps alter it's direction!


Buy Now$1.11 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.11 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Air Brigade 2 - Oculus Quest 1 GB

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This game is awesome fun

Wow thank you so much!!

Is there a discord page??

Hello sorry for the late reply yes, here you go


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After getting the game going it is awesome a few things I could be worked out like seating on the a 10 machine gun mechanics but I mean the game overall for being just started is amazing amazing


Is that the Ace Combat 7 HUD? I like the layout.

Oh thank you!

No worries, this is expected with in dev apps, where can we find the changelogs for the updates?
Also do you have any ETA/prospects for when this will make it's way to the app lab?

Oh thank you, I don't really do changelogs, but I do try to keep people up to date on the changes in my discord server.

In this case, the change was just that I put in more voice acting into mission 2.
I probably won't submit to app lab until all the missions are complete, or at least the first 4 anyway. Then probably will.
I wanted to give the game a chance to mature here first. Just like with Air Brigade 1, I do plan to offer oculus codes for it once that happens.

Cool, thanks for the reply, i'll speak to you there.
So far it's a very nice game, keep up the good work!

Hey all, apologies. To comply with a SideQuest listing, I have changed the app id, so your unlocked planes will get reset if you update. I'm so sorry!